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Mordechai “Mordy” Book


Mordechai “Mordy” Book is the principal attorney of the Book Law Group, LLC. Founded in January 2011, the firm is primarily focused on Immigration Law.

Additional areas of practice with fifteen years of experience include securities/corporate/business/human resources practice, commercial real estate, & mediation.


While spending significant time in the Dominican Republic and Central America in 2004-2006 negotiating, organizing and founding Banco de Ahorro y Credito Empire and its alliances, Mordy formed strong relationships among US immigrants, immigrant advocacy groups, and international firms.  As he formed the Book Law Group, immigration law was a natural focus, given the struggles of immigrants in the US today. The firm’s immigration team has more than 20 years of experience handling both business and family-based immigration matters.


Mordy is an effective engagement professional who masters problems proactively, identifying corporate trends and maintaining extensive communication with stakeholders, from concerns of investors to staff morale to avoiding potential executive missteps. Potential problems are thus averted, minimized, or more easily solved. Transparency and hands-on consensus building provide Mordy, an upper hand in determining courses of action and team loyalty. Mordy has significant experience in Operations, Human Resources, Legal considerations, and strategic analysis for development and execution of creative solutions for day-to-day organizational challenges and long-term goals.

Mordy served as General Counsel of Cornerstone Financial Corporation, a boutique investment bank in New York City before being recruited as Vice-President and General Counsel for Fidelity Holdings, Inc., a Nasdaq National Market/Russell 2000/$600M market cap company. He helped the company maneuver for more than two years, with full regulatory compliance and investor communications vital to operations, to the crisis of a stock collapse and its accompanying class action lawsuit. 

In 2004, Mordy joined Empire American Holdings, LLC privately held financial services/real estate conglomerate. At Empire, he initially served as Chairman/President/Founder of Banco de Ahorro y Credito Empire in the Dominican Republic; as General Counsel of Empire’s nationwide mortgage brokerage company (at the time one of the largest in the United States); and later as General Counsel of Empirian Property Management, Inc. Empire had purchased a billion dollar portfolio of 289 properties in 2006 from Equity Residential covering 17 states (reaching a total of 330 properties with 40,000 residential rental units) and then served as property manager for the portfolio.  

At Empire, Mordy streamlined Legal & HR, eliminating nearly 90% of their prior combined budget while increasing staff output. During his time at Empire, he had affected the strategy and disposition of nearly four hundred cases of varying sizes, including solely handling 71 civil rights matters (settled 22 inexpensively, won 49). Also of particular note is settling a national wage and hour class action with potential damages of tens of millions of dollars; settled on an individual basis for $75,000 total. Ultimately, as Empire found itself affected by the US real estate bubble and its properties could not meet their cash flow needs, Mordy kept creditors at bay while Lender discussions were ongoing. For more than 18 months, he settled vendor lawsuits, devised a renter indemnification plan that brought fresh revenues into Empire, and managed resident issues and litigation without raising insurance exposure.

Mordy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yeshiva University, a Juris Doctor from Cardozo School of Law, and is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey.